Terms and Booking Conditions

Our rates

You may sometimes find that excursions or hotels as offered in the website are less economical than buying the same arrangement locally; in most instances our rates are offered for the convenience of having arrangements booked and paid for before you leave. In a few cases, local operators or hotels may offer discount rates on the spot in slack periods, but we have no warning of, or access to these special rates.


Clients should be aware that in constructing an itinerary which combines two or more excursions it is usually necessary to add a hotel night to dovetail the excursions neatly together; this is particularly true where the excursions are short ones, of only two or three nights' duration.

Health & Age limitations

The majority of arrangements offered are tailor-made to the individual, and as such there is literally no age limit. On the few arrangements included here where you join a pre-formed group, we impose only the restrictions that common sense would impose: you have to be fit and able-bodied to go trekking up mountains and glaciers.

Preparing for your trip

Once we have confirmed your booking, you will receive our pre-departure Briefing Dossier and other information to help you prepare for your trip to Latin America: advice on security, insurance, currency, baggage and suggested reading.


Visa information relates to stays of 30 days or less and in all cases to clients whose personal and professional circumstances do not preclude their entry to a country, or their transit through it. Your full passport must have at least 6 months' validity remaining after the date of return travel.
Contact your local embassy, or consulate for the most up-to-date visa requirements, or see your travel agent. IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE THE CORRECT TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION.


Meals are not included unless specifically stated. Full-board means breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast may be a substantial buffet, but very occasionally, just one bread roll and a cup of instant coffee or tea.

Tickets and service vouchers and travel

After you have paid in full, you will receive (usually a month before departure) your transatlantic airline tickets (in case you booked it with us) and any domestic flight tickets that are to be issued at this end. Some tickets are issued electronically, but traditional paper tickets may be necessary on some routes. Our invoice or itinerary is not a travel document. If you do not have a valid ticket or e-ticket, the airline will ask you to pay again.

In addition you will receive vouchers for the services we have contracted on your behalf in Latin America. These vouchers give name, addresses and telephone numbers of the hotels or service providers, so that you can contact them if you need to. The normal procedure is for our vouchers to be exchanged in Latin America by our local handling agents for their own vouchers or tickets. A 24-hour emergency Peru number, printed in your final itinerary letter, will enable you to contact us quickly if something goes wrong.

It is our policy not to sell in isolation any excursion or tour in this programme whose duration is less than 3 nights.


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