MaPi Adventure Travel Agency

Since its creation, MaPi AdventureTravel has considered the human factor as a vital ingregient for building a successful and attractive business, which is why our team is composed of a wide range of people who are all professionals from different environments who have different backgrounds and have had different careers. They all benefit from a wide culture of tourism and possess extensive knowledge relevant to the various destinations that we offer.

An authentic Peruvian Agency, the rich diversity of tradition, adventure and mystery makes Peru a fascinating country to visit. Many Foreing Operators take advantage of this, but this Travel Agency was born in Cusco, Peru land of the Incas. Our mean productos are in Cusco Such as:

All of our staff shares a big passion for travelling as well as a strong promise towards the quality of service and a great respect towards the environment and local traditions

We are convinced of the necessity for thoroughly knowing the itineraries and countries that we offer. That's why, our team is continuously developing itself and visiting destinations in order to be able to have a better knowledge of the trips that we offer. Our goal is to transmit our knowledge and experience to all the travellers who choose Inka Trail Expeditions, bearing in mind that advising and guiding is the essential base of the service that we provide

...Our experience makes yours better...

Mapi Adventure Travel works in a direct mode, without any intermediaries, but with collaborators that have been carefully chosen in every destination. It is our priority, to make sure that these guides and companies are responsible, that they are devoted to their country and that they also attribute a great importance to the quality of the services that are offered. They must also be reliable, respectful towards the environment, culture and local traditions.

Most of our trips and excursions are guided, by these local collaborators, that we have trained in order to be able to guarantee a certain level of quality. So whether we are organising a trip for a group or for people who travel alone or even for businesses, the goal is to make sure that they shall be able to be completely immersed into the destination that they are visiting. We want the experience of the passengers to be the experience of their lifetime.

The experience of the people here at Mapi Adventure Travel gravitates around the knowledge of our local partners, who represent every single destination and country that we offer tours, excursions and trips to.

About MaPi Adventure Travel

MaPi Adventure is a young and dynamic travel company which offers an innovative and wide range of trips, holidays and excursions. The itineraries are a perfect combination of fascinating destinations, direct contact with nature, local culture and traditions, and of course, adventure. All these elements brought together make our trips and tours so unique and authentic.

MaPi Adventure is our comercial brand name, a private limited company, legally constituted and registered under “registros públicos of Perú”, tourism licence of Dircetur “Dirección Tegional de Turismo”. The company is also registered in the Book of Trading Companies of Perú.

Even though we have offices in Cusco (Perú) we attend traveller’s needs, by phone and by email, who come from all over the World.

Our Mission

We want to offer unforgettable trips and experiences across the globe that have an exellent level of services and the best quality/price value. We work towards satisfying the needs of all those people who are tired of conventionnal tours, who long to visit countries and destinations in a different way.

It is for these reasons, that we do everything that is in our hand to understand what our travelers are in search of, we put ourselves in their place so as to advise them in the best way possible and so as to create, together, the perfect trip.

The itineraries of the holidays that we offer are very flexible, as they can be modified so as to finally offer a trip that perfectly matches the client and his expectations. Flexibility and the direct personalised contact are the two key words that explain our way of working and our philosophy.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading retail agencies for leisure travel in Perú, in our market area, and to be recognized as such by our customers.

Our Philoshophy

Our priority : our clients Our clients are our reason for being and we are forever trying to optimise our holiday makers’ experiences and satisfaction. We make sure that we tend to them in the best way possible, so as to be a permanent support to them during the organisation of their trips.

Local Partners We also have many local collaborators who are present in each destination, who with lots of love and respect, welcome our travellers to their country. It is thanks to these people that our clients are able to have a full on experience during their trips abroad. In this way, we are also providing jobs and employment for the locals and participating in the economic development of the countries that we travel to.

Taylor-made trips: At Mapi Adventure Travel, we specialise ourselves in taylor-made itineraries in order to match the expectations of all sorts of travellers (families, businesses, particulars, associations, and so on...) We understand that a personalised trip does not automatically mean that it’s an expensive trip. This is why, for two people or more we offer you the possibility of going on a trip that has exclusively been designed for you and for the budget that you wish.

Small groups As well as minimising the impact of tourism on the environment, on the culture and society of the places that are visited, small groups guarantee a better contact between the travellers and the guide, this will enable the travellers to benefit from an authentic and an experience that shall not be forgotten.

Respect for the environment and local cultures All our guides have been trained so that they meet the rigorous standards that have been defined in order to be sure that we respect the “rules” of responsible tourism that we advocate. Our demanding standards guarantee a total respect of the environment as much as the local inhabitants of the countries that we visit. Inka Trail Expeditions Perú is also an active member of The International Ecotourism Society which promotes and encourages the development of sustainable tourism.

The quality of our services Providing quality services is our priority, which is why we take on the responsability of testing our products ourselves. We also train our collaborators and most of the guides that are present in the courntries that we visit.
At the end of their experience, we ask the clients to fill in a survey that then gives us valuable information relevant to the traveller’s impressions and opinions

A fair price We systematically guarantee a fair price, that is calculated according to the level of quality of the services that we provide for each of our destinations. Our company does not believe that a spectacular trip should automatically mean applying sky-high prices.

Innovation We are also permanently designing new products, new routes and new activities so that our trips are modern, dynamic and adventurous. The opinions and suggestions of our guides, collaborators and travellers are as important as gold to us because they enable us to achieve this goal.


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